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Engage Foundation had a mission to clean St. Maarten one run at a time.  That mission was completed on Sunday 23rd morning during the First Annual Engage Caribbean Gems Trash run during which six teams collected 3,144 pounds of trash.  Manu Budhrani of Caribbean Gems reminded participants “It is our island and with initiative such as this we show just how much garbage the island has, but it should not be like this.  There should be some other way that people handle and treat their garbage.”

Engage Foundation organized an amazing event, a challenging event that combined positively contribution to our community on one hand and promoting team spirit on the other hand.  The winning Pain Cave Tribe Team received US $1000 towards their charities of choice Animal Defenders and Safe Haven.  Sentinel Guardians placed second with $500 which goes towards Youth Extravaganza Foundation.   The Foundation thanked Caribbean Gems sponsors and all the volunteers for making the Trash Run a success. 


News courtesy of Caribbean Gems.