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Port De Plaisance Yacht Club Prepared for Yachting Season

Yacht Club Port de Plaisance

Port de Plaisance Yacht Club General Manager Jesse Peterson said last week that the facility will be fully operational for the upcoming yachting season. After the devastation of Hurricane Irma, it has been the management team’s number one priority to repair, rebuild and upgrade the marina to welcome back their customers. 

“I am extremely pleased to announce that with the help of our management team and staff members, Yacht Club Port de Plaisance is making great progress with the rebuilding and refurbishment of the facility and we are on track to be fully ready for the season that is quickly approaching,” said Yacht Club Manager Jesse Peterson.


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St.Maarten Promoted at Hague Embassy Festival for First Time

Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite and her Cabinet, with the assistance of the Tourism Department, promoted St. Maarten for the first time at the annual Embassy Festival in The Hague last week. 

The main message of the promotion was St. Maarten is back in business and open for visitors. Many people who visited the St. Maarten House booth were eager to visit the country for vacation. Some even thought they could book their vacation on the spot, said the Wuite’s Cabinet. 

The second message to visitors was that St. Maarten is a part of the Dutch Kingdom and is represented by the Minister Plenipotentiary in the Netherlands.The Festival was an opportunity for Wuite and staff to meet ambassadors and embassy staff to further build and expand diplomatic ties for St. Maarten. 


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Patriot Cheerleaders Visit St.Maarten for Photoshoot

patriots cheerleaders 2Divi Little Bay Beach Resort welcomed the popular Patriots Cheerleaders to the island on July 23rd, 2018 with a meet and greet cocktail party with invited guests. 

The girls are here to shoot their 2019 swimsuit calendar and film various video productions.  Minister of Tourism Stuart Johnson was among the invited guests and welcomed the ladies to The Friendly Island. 

Representing the 5X Super Bowl Champion new England Patriots, the Patriots Cheerleaders entertain thousands of fans from the side lines of Gillette Stadium, participate in goodwill missions and appearances and have entertained at high-profile events such as Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, and international games. 

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort General Manger Anne-Marie Brooks personally welcomed the ladies to the island during the event and wished them success with their 2019 calendar.  

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Port to Welcome One Millionth Cruise Passengers on September 13th, 2018


Port St. Maarten is expected to welcome its one millionth passenger to the shores of the country on 13th September 2018, as the port continues to exceed projections made following the destruction of the facility after the passing of Hurricane Irma just over a year age.

Between January and September 6, the Port received 972,000 cruise passengers, St. Maarten Tourist Bureau Director Mayling Chun told reporters at a stakeholder’s press conference held at Oyster Bay Beach Resort. Chun said Port St. Maarten has reported “good progress” in the industry.  The Port said it has been operating above its projected figures at 12 to 15 per cent and was engaged in continuous discussions and support with industry partners.


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107 New Businesses Opened Since Irma

A total of 107 new businesses have opened in the country since the passing of Hurricane Irma, initial statistics coming out of the Economic Census Survey show.

According to the Department of Statistics STAT, the majority of these new businesses are in the food service sector.  These new businesses currently employ 386 persons, 201 or 52 per cent of whom are female.  According to STAT, the legal form of new businesses is almost evenly divided among limited ability NVs (29 per cent) and BVs (28 per cent), and sole proprietorship (26 per cent).  The roughly 1700 businesses that were actively operating before the September 2017 hurricanes and mostly NVs, with sole proprietorship being the second.  Wholesale and retail trade represents the biggest portion of these businesses with accommodation and food service being the second largest sector. 

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Planet Hollywood Resort to Take Shape Soon on Great Bay Beach

Planet HollywoodSt. Maarten will get its first branded resort since Hurricane wreaked havoc on its accommodation capacity on September 6, 2017.  Sunwing Travel Group has shared with government its plans to start construction of a branded Planet Hollywood Resort on the former Sonesta Great Bay Resort property. The new resort will be completed within 18 months once construction starts and will be built to “Miami-Dade standards” to weather hurricanes.  

Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs, Stuart Johnson pledged his “full support” to Sunwing and “the new resort will positively transform the destination and solidify its position as the regions leader in the hospitability industry.” He added that Sunwings’s investment is “a significant boost” in returning to St. Maarten to the number one vacation spot in the Caribbean. 



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Port St.Maarten Sees 15 Percent Growth in Cruise Passengers


Port St. Maarten has seen a growth of fifteen percent over projections from January to June.  Port management anticipates a “stable off-season” and a “strong” high season similar to pre-Hurricane Irma numbers in 2017.  A total of 733,666 cruise passengers via 230 cruise ship calls visited in the first half of the year.  March had the highest number of calls (55) with cruisers numbering 137,375.  April had 39 calls and 128,714 passengers.  May and June clocked more than 120,000 cruise passengers each, via 30 and 27 ship calls respectively.  May brought 120,907 and June 120,226.  There were 112,511 passengers and 37 ships calls in January.  February had 113,893 cruise passengers via 42 ship calls.  The country will see an increase in European cruise lines starting in October.  This is expected to further add to current forecast numbers for the high season, bringing the tally to pre-hurricane numbers.  

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