Hotels & Villas
Oyster Bay Beach Resort

Perched on a palm-dotted promontory and surrounded by Dawn Beach and Oyster Pond is St. Maarten's most private and distinctive hideaway - Oyster Bay Beach Resort. Like St. Maarten - a beautiful island that [ ... ]

Hotels & Villas
Belmond La Samanna Villas

One of the most distinguished addresses in the Caribbean, Belmond La Samanna Villas offer the ultimate in luxurious Caribbean accommodations and services. Residential in feel, but private and exclusive [ ... ]

Hotels & Villas
Porto Cupecoy

Perfectly situated on the Dutch/French border of internationally acclaimed Sint Maarten, Porto Cupecoy is redefining resort living with an inspiring style, an unassuming elegance, and a wealth of amenities [ ... ]

Lee's Roadside Grill

Lee’s Roadside Grill opened for the first time in 1997 and it has now grown into a thriving must visit open air restaurant. Located in Simpson Bay on the lagoon, Lee’s Roadside Grill offers a totally [ ... ]

L'Oursin Restaurant at Belmond La Samanna Resort

The elegance of Belmond La Samanna's rooms and suites is complemented by the tempting variety of its cuisine, an irresistible combination of French and Caribbean specialties enhanced by one of the most [ ... ]

The Infinity Restaurant

The finest, most delectable international cuisine is just steps away from your room at Infinity Restaurant, located across from our open courtyard. Ocean views, outdoor dining on our elegant terrace, [ ... ]

Caribbean Gems

CARIBBEAN GEMS, established in 1983 has been consistently voted as St. Maarten’s #1 jewelry store in an independent poll conducted by The Daily Herald. High quality merchandise, competitive pricing and [ ... ]

Dawn Beach

Dutch Side - Atlantic Ocean
This is a lovely white sandy crescent shaped beach with plenty of coral rocks and big ‘surfing’ waves. Remember, you’re now on the Atlantic Ocean with bigger and rougher [ ... ]

Orient Beach

French Side - Atlantic Ocean
Do you enjoy Monte Carlo, St. Tropez or Nice? If your answer is yes, you will love Orient Beach, THE most popular beach on the island. On the hillside, several hotels provide [ ... ]

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Dear Friends of St. Maarten,

It's now November in St. Maarten/St. Martin and although the High Season doesn't officially start until December 15th, it unofficially started November 1st. Many businesses spent part of the Slow Season sprucing up for this month and the coming season. Retail stores have stocked inventories, jewelry stores have shined the diamonds, necklaces and watches in their glass cases, restaurants have repainted some of their rooms, replaced old tables, refurbished chairs with new vibrant colorful  materials, hotels have enhanced their appearance, the watersports industry have scraped off the barnacles from the bottom of their boats and yachts, and even Mother-Nature did her part by not allowing any major, destructive hurricanes to damage the island while providing enough rain to turn the hillsides an illustrious evergreen color for people to admire. And why was all this done you ask? So that your visit to this tropical paradise will leave you overwhelmed by her beauty. 

So, my advice is for you to check your frequent flyer miles, bank accounts, and vacation schedules at work and take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy hotel rates that are 20% to 40% lower than the December 15th through April 15th, High Season. And believe me, the island is just as beautiful in November as it is in January, February or March. In fact, for the last 25 years, Barbara and I have spent most of our Novembers in St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Spend a week on island or even a long weekend, you won't regret it! As you depart the plane at Queen Juliana Airport, you will notice that the earth has stopped spinning and time will stand still during your vacation because you are now on island time. Within the week, the gray cells of your brain will relax, your body will exhale and when your vacation is over, you will feel younger, healthier, and happier.

We wish you a wonderful trip!

Sam Fusco

Winner of the 2006/2007 St. MaartenHospitality & Trade Association's
Crystal Pineapple Award for Outstanding Tourism Journalism

Featured in this issue:

1. A Poem: What Luck! by Laura Richardson
2. Featured Shop: Jewels by Love
3. Featured Restaurant: La Cave Restaurant
4. Featured Article: Island Beaches
5. Featured Hotel: Horny Toad Guest House
6. Sam's Selection: StMaarten/StMartin Images
7. Featured Activity: La Samanna Spa
8. Sign Up to Win a Dream Vacation for Two
9. Complimentary FREE Gift Certificates
10. What's Happening in Paradise?


A Poem



Laura’s office mementos from her children 
Original oil by Sir Roland Richardson


What Luck!

My car broke down by an ice cream truck.
I said to the driver,
“That’s just my luck!”

On a hot summer’s day,
I won’t moan,
if you’d kindly give me an ice cream cone.”

I put that cone in my radiator,
then came back several hours later,
and what do you know?

That snow cone cooled
the overflow!

I drove off fine,
with prayers Divine,
thanking for that fateful find.

A little ice cream,
a giant life’s dream…

To be in the right place
at the right time.

To solve a problem
for less than a dime.

With more than just ingenuity,
a quiet message from
Fate to me!

For whenever you see an ice cream truck,
You know it always brings good luck!



Poem by Laura Richardson, Auguts 2013
 Laura and Sir Roland Richardson would be delighted to hear from you!
Visit their beautiful gallery at:
Roland Richardson Gallery Museum
#6 rue de la Republique Marigot, St. Martin
Where Fine Art, History and Nature Abound!
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Magic Jack, Tel: 1.443.982.0683 - Website: www.rolandrichardson.com

© Copyright Laura and Roland Richardson 2013






Featured Shop  


----JBL-Timepieces-1 ----JBL-Brands
Jewels by Love is the one, certainly because Love Mahtani and his son Rish Love Mahtani are connoisseurs of and passionate about "Haute Horlogerie."

The 5th and 6th generations in a family of jewelers, they know all about the nearly 1,500 years of watch history entrusted to them. In the world, very few jewelers are chosen by these prestigious brands.
_____________________________________________________________________________________ JBL-Breguet-2
All our watches are heirlooms to be worn and admired and to be treasured for generations. Two timepieces can be equally lovely with extremely different personalities which speak to opposing parts of that section of our brain that we reserve for watch appreciation.

One can be ethereal, opulent, a technical marvel, an object of obvious fascination; the other could exhibit all the hallmarks of a vintage timepiece... elegant, beautifully-finished, timeless, simple, pure, unadorned beauty.

Both at home on the wrist of gentlemen and gentlewomen of good taste in our era, our forefathers, and well into the future, they would exist outside of time...
Vacheron Constantin Watches Patrimony Malte Overseas 1972 Historiques

------------- Patek Philippe | Breguet | Vacheron Constantin | A. Lange & Söhne
------------------- IWC Schaffhausen | Jaeger-LeCoultre | Ulysse Nardin
JBL-Diamonds-2Located in Marigot and Philipsburg, Jewels by Love also offers an exquisite, in-house designed line of hand-crafted diamond jewelry and an extensive collection of ideal cut GIA Certified diamonds. JBL-Diamonds-1

When you first handle a Jewels by Love creation, you become aware that this jewel has the presence of an object or rare perfection. We know the feeling well. We feel it every time a diamond or piece of jewelry leaves the hands of our master craftsmen. You can call it pride. For us it lasts a moment; for you, a lifetime!

We made the jewel for you - to be part of your life - simply because this is the way we've always made our jewelry. And if we may draw a conclusion from six generations of experience, it will be this: choose once but choose well. A Jewels by Love creation - because it's for a lifetime. Rarity, beauty and everlasting value are honored here.
----------------------- Jewels by Love - fifth & sixth generation
------------------------- of jewelers with a legacy of excellence!
The team at Jewels by Love is passionate and well trained and will equip you with the knowledge you need when making a significant purchase of timepieces, diamonds or jewelry.

With their passion for excellence, a flawless reputation and integrity beyond reproach, you are guaranteed to find your future heirloom at Jewels by Love.

Upon the purchase of a fine timepiece from Jewels by Love, you inherit history. Being the trustee of such revered names that have a combined history of superlative watch making of nearly 1,500 years is no mean responsibility and it provokes two questions:
Q: Why have the world's greatest watch-makers chosen Jewels by Love as their Official Agent? A: Because no one in the entire Caribbean knows and loves 'Haute Horlogerie' more than Love Mahtani and the team at Jewels by Love does!

Q:Why have they entrusted Jewels by Love with a combined watchmaking history of nearly 1,500 years? A: Because the owners of the eponymous Jewels by Love stores are the 5th generation in an illustrious line of watch and diamond professionals whose knowledge, integrity and reputation are unmatched by any other jeweler in the Caribbean!

Our jewelry is designed in-house. ----
Our jewelry is hand-crafted as opposed to manufactured on an assembly line giving each piece a one-of-a-kind personality.
Our jewelry is made in Europe by the finest craftsmen as opposed to being mass produced cheaply in the Far East.
Our jewelry proudly bears our signature. ------
Our diamonds are cut and polished in Belgium by master cutters for maximum brillance as opposed to being cut and polished for maximum weight in sweat shops in the Far East. -----
Our certified diamonds are GIA Certified to guarantee unbiased and indisputable grades. -----
We are Authorized dealers for the World's Finest Watches.

---------- Jewels by Love operated by Love Mahtani and Rish Love Mahtani offer
-------------- two centrally located stores on Saint Martin and Sint Maarten! ____________________________________________________________________________________

MARIGOT | Saint Martin - Tel: (590) 590.87.25.50
7 Rue du Général de Gaulle
PHILIPSBURG | Sint Maarten - Tel: 721.542.6808
Front Street OUR NEW US PHONE: 1.917.546.0902 EMAIL US: info@jewelsbylove.com
VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE AT: www.JewelsByLove.com

At Jewels By Love the Euro/Dollar exchange rate does not affect our pricing, because ALL OUR PRICES are in US$ on BOTH sides of the island. The cost on ALL our watches, diamonds and jewelry is the same on Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. ALL Jewels By Love jewels and watches are sold at the SAME $PRICE - Duty Free and Tax Free.
---patek philippewhiterevised   breguet -LOGO VACHERON white  Lange Bogen normalwhite

----- --IWC Med P K 100white- jaeguer-- - Logo UlysseNardâadow 9-2005WHITE



 Featured Restaurant 




La Cave Restaurant at La Samanna


Experience – Wine tasting – Cocktails

 Only one table…  

 …Make it your table for one night in the exclusive La Cave at La Samanna


Perfect for a private celebration, business dinner, or just to enjoy life… La Cave offers to LaCaveCellar280x420our guests a completely different dining experience. Sit among some of the finest wines in the world, experience the finest cuisine of our Chef, one of the best Caribbean chefs, complimented by elegant and attentive service.

Private Dining This is a great opportunity to enjoy a private dinner in our Restaurant La Cave, surrounded by over 12,000 of our very special wines. A five course or a nine course menu will be served with a wine paired with each course by our Head Wine Waiter.

Exclusive Dinner Enjoy a special dinner featuring some of the very best vintages from exceptional wine appellations including: Bollinger, Dom Pérignon, Cheval Blanc, La Bourgogne, “Parfums du Sud”, USA.

Wine Tasting Traveling through the world, guided by our expert Sommelier, you will discover the hidden secrets of the wine accompanied by a selection of fruits and French matured cheese.

Rum Tasting Pearl of the Tropics, pride of each island, Rums will deliver their secrets and characteristics through a journey tasting around the Caribbean. Mignardises selected by our Chef, will enhance your experience.

Cocktail Party La Cave is perfect for a soirée, an intimate meeting of like minded people surrounded by one of the finest wine collections in the Caribbean. La Cave can accommodate a cocktail party with canapés or fine French cheeses for a party of ten to twenty-five guests.



“La Table du Sommelier” In the typical atmosphere of La Cave Restaurant, once a week, 10 lucky guests, not one more, will have the privilege to share an exclusive dinner at La Table du Sommelier in La Cave. Every week, our Chef will create a tasting menu, paired perfectly with the expertise of Christian, our Head Sommelier. You may not know each other yet… but this is all about the experience of La Table du Sommelier: enjoying fine cuisine, exclusive wine, and conviviality. 

Your eyes, your nose, your "papilles" (taste buds): your taste becomes attentive, sensitive, and while smelling and tasting such wine or such alcohol, you discover a new treasure and a new pleasure...

--------------------------12,000 bottles of wine - 1,250 labels - 13 countries

--------------------------------------------- AWARDS
-------------------------- Best of Award of Excellence Wine Spectator 2010
-------------------------- Best of Award of Excellence Wine Spectator 2008
Best of Award of Excellence Wine Spectator 2007
---------------------------Best Wine List of the Caribbean Gault & Millau 2007 
------------------------------- Award of Excellence Wine Spectator 2006



---------------- La Cave Restaurant at La Samanna, St. Martin, F.W.I.
------------------------ For reservations, tel:1.800.854.2252 or 011.590.590.87.64.00
--------------------- Please visit us at: www.lasamanna.com/web/omar/wine_cellar.jsp or
-------------------------------- Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Featured Article

Island Beaches

Finding the right beach is like shopping for shoes; it must be a perfect fit. The beaches of this island paradise are all appealing with each providing charm, character, and hidden pleasures. Yet, in common, they are all fabulous. Some are little secluded crescent shaped patches of sand nestled between rocky cliffs with cottony white rolling dunes and rock formations jutting into crystal clear blue/green water. Others offer moderate waves gently caressing the shoreline with peace and solitude; and, some have raging waves, great for surfing. There are also some where bathers strolling the beach in the nude will keep you busy with envy and also provide some good laughs. No matter what you seek, the 37 beaches of St. Maarten/St. Martin will satisfy your desires. Although, hotels and resorts occupy several beaches on both sides of the island, the public has access to all beaches. Remember, topless bathing is optional everywhere, even at most resorts, and nude sunbathing is a common practice on the island. Warning: The surf on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island is rougher than on the Caribbean side. The following beaches include some of the most popular, most beautiful and my favorites.

ROUGE BEACH - French Side - Caribbean Sea Still my favorite beach, but it has become a little more crowded. Now, North Americans are accompanied by French and South America tourists. It is a crescent shaped, mile long, mostly narrow beach with numerous rock formations caressed by crystal clear water and moderate waves. Snorkeling is said to be very good. The Eastern end of the beach is wider with a few trees to shade the sun and a magnificent cove with stairs built into the rocks climbing up 40 feet where a fabulous villa stands majestically overlooking the sea. Walking the beach, there are no hotels or resorts. But there are beautiful private villas that can be rented from villa rental companies. Upon approaching the beach, park your car and walk down the stairs on the right. At the bottom of the stairs, each morning around 9AM, Augustin “Gus” Arrondell, a local St. Martinian born and raised on the island, and his friendly staff set up Gus’ Beach Bar. This is an open-walled bar/barbecue stand where you can enjoy tasty grilled chicken & ribs, beer, soda, and other lunchtime favorites. You can also rent beach chairs, umbrellas, rafts, and snorkeling equipment at reasonable rates. There are two bars on the beach. So, ask for Gus; he’s a nice guy. 

LONG BAY BEACH - French Side - Caribbean Sea It lives up to its name, about a mile long, crescent shaped and beautiful. La Samanna, the world famous deluxe resort, occupies the Eastern end of this gem of a beach and numerous private villas occupy the Western end. It is very private, quiet and secluded, and hard to find. Turn off the main road and head for La Samanna; but, before going through the main gate, turn right and follow the road until you see an open pathway. A sign in French referencing the beach and parked cars will indicate the entrance pathway to the beach. Bring towels, an umbrella and have a great day!

MULLET BAY BEACH - Dutch Side - Caribbean Sea This beach is one of the nicest and most popular beaches on the island. It is very wide depending on the tide, has great waves and always has great activity. It is part of the former Mullet Bay Resort, which was destroyed by Hurricane Luis in 1995. But, it is still popular and people still patronize this beach. A small open walled food stand with beer, soda, chicken, ribs and snacks on the beach also provides beach chairs and umbrellas for rental, but, other facilities are closed. By the way, the golf course at Mullet Bay is open but is not in good shape. The Greg Norman designed course at the Temenos Golf Club, www.temenosgolfclub.com, at the St. Regis Resort on Anguilla, which opened in 2006, is beautiful.

GRAND CASE BEACH - French Side - Caribbean Sea DiviLittleBayBeachThis crescent shaped beach is approximately a mile long and runs from one end of this charming little village to the other. From time to time, you will see fishing boats off the shore plying their trade and local children playing in the water. Houses, inns, numerous restaurants, and small hotels occupy just about every foot of this lovely serene beach with calm waters. Located midway on the beach sits Le Petit Hotel and on the hillside at the northern end sits its sister property Hotel L’Esplanade which provides majestic views of the bay of Grand Case and Anguilla.

LITTLE BAY BEACH - Dutch Side - Caribbean Sea A narrow pretty beach with great palm trees, it is shared by Divi’s Little Bay Beach Resort, and its lovely timeshare units, which sit on a slender finger shaped peninsula with great views of both Little Bay and Great Bay. The beach is also shared with the Belair Beach Hotel, an all suites property. It provides great views of the majestic cruise ships that occupy the bay during most weeks. The Belair’s beach pool bar happens to be an excellent place for watching the cruise ships coming and going.

CUPECOY BEACH - Dutch Side - Caribbean Sea This is a very narrow beach with incredibly beautiful cliffs and caves, but not the place that you would want to be if a rainstorm passed by during the night. Reason: In the morning, the surf churned up during a storm is extremely rough and crashes over the beach into the cliffs. If you happen to be lying on your beach towel, the waves may carry you out to sea. We were there during one such episode and it wasn’t much fun. We left! The Eastern end is home to Cupecoy Beach Club, the Wyndham Sapphire Beach Resort, The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach and the Rainbow Beach Club. The Western end is wider and unofficially known as the nudist beach of the Dutch side.

GreatBayBeachBoardwalkRGREAT BAY BEACH - Dutch Side - Caribbean Sea This is the heart and soul of Philipsburg and has lots of activity. It is a mile long sandy white beach shared by hotels, restaurants, casinos and the main pier where most days of the week from one to five cruise ships discharge passengers for a day of shopping and sightseeing. Tourists from the ships in search of bargains on jewelry and other goods often stroll Front Street shoulder to shoulder. The street is closed to traffic when ships are in port. Recently, a $3 million program tripled the width of the beach and it is once again “Great” with colored umbrellas, beach chairs and people having fun. There is also a 35 ft wide boardwalk made of bricks with restaurants, benches, and shops on the beach. At one end is the Great Bay Beach Resort and at the other is Bobby’s Marina. The bay is home to small boats, yachts, cruise ships and island ferries to St. Barths, Saba, and beyond.

PLUM BEACH - French Side - Caribbean Sea Still the best kept secret on the island! Plum Beach may be the finest beach on the island. Why? Because few people know it exists! A small quarter-moon shaped sandy white beach with exquisite views of the Caribbean located at the most Western end of the island in the Terres Basses area; or, as they say in my old neighborhood, “the high rent district.” The beach is secluded, private, serene, and mostly populated by people from the surrounding villas and savvy travelers. Turn off the main road at the Plum Baie (Bay) sign and go 2.3 Kilometers on a macadam road with gorgeous villas on both sides or turn right at La Samanna’s front gate and go 2.7 km on a dirt bumpy road along the pond. Look for parked cars in front of a fence with a pathway. Bring beach chairs and umbrellas. No beach bar & no shade! Just sunburn and serenity!

DawnBeachRDAWN BEACH - Dutch Side - Atlantic Ocean This is a lovely white sandy crescent shaped beach with plenty of coral rocks and big ‘surfing’ waves. Remember, you’re now on the Atlantic Ocean with bigger and rougher waves. The newly expanded Oyster Pond Resort occupies the peninsula and the Northern end of the beach. And Beau Beau’s Restaurant & Bar has opened as part of the resort and has a wonderful outdoor terrace built into the coral rock overlooking the sea with beautiful tables and large white umbrellas. The new Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa occupies the Southern end of the beach which is in the distance of this photo which was taken pre-Westin. By the way, the views of St. Barths and other islands are just lovely from this spot.

FRIAR’S BAY BEACH - French Side - Caribbean Sea It takes a little driving and an adventurous spirit to find this little Bay/Beach. It is off the main road to Grand Case driving North from Marigot. Turn left at the sign on the main road and drive through a residential area of fairly new houses for a mile or so. The road goes over a little bridge and then heads straight to the beach. Kali’s Beach Bar and Restaurant is the main attraction with a menu of ribs, chicken, hamburgers, and local grilled fish. A pretty white sandy beach with colored umbrellas and beach chairs awaits you. The bay is small with several yachts anchored near by. It’s quiet, secluded and provides beautiful views of Anguilla. Kali is famous for his monthly “Full Moon” parties.

ORIENT BEACH - French Side - Atlantic Ocean Do you enjoy Monte Carlo, St. Tropez or Nice? If your answer is yes, you will love Orient Beach, THE most popular beach on the island. On the hillside, several hotels provide spectacular views of the bay and the surrounding islands. On the beach, smaller hotels, restaurants, and shops create a whirlwind of activity. The open-air restaurants have no walls and separate themselves from each other with different color umbrellas and lounge chairs. In Winter Season, they are very busy; so, reserve a good lunch table by 11:15 A.M. If you prefer lunch on the beach, a waiter will place a small table by your lounge chair and serve you. Cushioned chairs and umbrellas populate the beach, parasailers populate the sky, jet-skiers, windsurfers, swimmers and wave-runners populate the water, and people watchers are everywhere.

This is a beautiful, wide, crescent shaped, mile PinelIslandand a half long beach with clean white sand. Several small islands visible across the bay promise adventure for people with imaginative minds and a small boat. The bay is an underwater marine reserve; so, snorkeling and scuba diving are fascinating. Topless and nude bathing is appropriate anywhere on the beach; but, if you practice “naturalism,” Club Orient at the Southern end of the beach offers accommodations, privacy, a restaurant and water sports for nudists. Orient Beach is the place to be seen, meet people, and to watch bathers strut their stuff. With or without clothes, it’s a great beach!

PINEL ISLAND – Cul de Sac/Orient Bay - French Side - Atlantic Ocean This is an uninhabited little island with beautiful beaches. At one end of the island, where people sunbathe, the beach is so narrow it looks like a sand bar. It’s wonderful if you have small children and would like to take them swimming in shallow calm water. Two open walled restaurants which fill up quickly for lunch also rent umbrellas and beach chairs. Two small open boats continuously ferry people back and forth for the 5-minute trip to the island from the mainland. Cost is $7 per person roundtrip. Follow the signs from the Grand Case/Orient Bay road.

------------------------------------- Several Beach Images

OB-1- OB-2
----------------- Orient Beach ------------------------------------- Orient Beach

OB-3  OB-4
------------------- Orient Beach------------------------------------------ Orient Beach

------------- Grand Case Beach --------------------------------------------- Cupecoy Beach
PelicanKeyBeach- GreatBayBeach

 ------------- Pelican Key Beach ------------------------------------ Great Bay Beach 

RougeBeachR---- LongBeach








Rouge Beach -------------------------------------- Bay Long Beach

 Featured Hotel 


---------------  ---------------------- ----------------------



A deliberately small and distinctive guesthouse!


HornyToadBeach2The Horny Toad is a deliberately small and distinctive guesthouse known for its congenial and unpretentious atmosphere. The original building is a former governor's house tastefully renovated into spacious, fully equipped apartments. Each of the eight apartments is delightfully different, displaying a personality of its own.

Your host, Betty Vaughan, offers private and comfortable accommodations for $218 per night per couple in the winter season and $118 during the summer season. Many rooms can accommodate extra guests at $40 per person (winter) and $25 per person (summer). All rates are subject to a 5% government tax. All rooms are air-conditioned. No children under seven years of age, please. Smoking is not allowed anyplace on the property or in the rooms.

All of our units are in the former governor's house on Simpson Bay with the exception of one which is set back off the beach. While all of the units have a fully-equipped kitchen, a king size bed, complete bath with shower, and daily maid service, no two units are the same. The ground floor units have direct access to the beach and a view of the beach through floor to ceiling windows bringing the beauty of tropical flora to your room. The second story units have balconies overlooking the beach. All units are also cooled by soft breezes and fans.

Fresh flowers are arranged in the units every day. As you can see, the guesthouse is on the beach and provides beach chairs, HornyToadGuesthouse2towels, and floats. An outdoor barbecue pavilion contains two Weber gas grills. A changing room with complete bathroom is available for guests arriving early or leaving late. We will arrange to have a rental car for your use and stock your unit with food, if desired. Just use our convenient reservation form on our web site to make your wishes known. There is a complimentary computer with internet access and email connections in the reception area as well as free WIFI in all the units.

All this attention to detail brought the "Best Guesthouse" award from the readers of the Daily Herald; and, in addition, the Toad has been awarded theFodor's Choice Award in each year including the most recent in 2012. They called us the "island's best value." Even our guests have a few comments. We think you'll agree and we welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.

DailyHeraldBestGuesthouseWe've even been mentioned in The Captain's Fund by Raina Wissing Harris, a writer who has stayed with us many times. It's a mystery novel about diamonds in St Maarten. Visit Amazon.com for a discussion on the book. You can buy it there, if you wish.

Our island paradise combines French and Dutch cultures with large quantities of local flavor and sunshine. We are known for our casinos, duty-free shopping, fine dining & beaches. Please visit www.THTGH.com and view our photo gallery. Better yet, call us for your reservation and come take your own photos.


The Horny Toad Guesthouse
2 Vlaun Drive, Simpson Bay, St Maarten

For reservations or information, call Toll free (800) 417.9361
Telephone 1.721.545.4323 | fax 1.721.545.3316
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.THTGH.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.www.THTGH.com


Sam's Selection

------------ St. Maarten/St. Martin Images

--- BeauBeausBeforeTheCrowdSonestaMahoBeach
------ Beau Beau's Restaurant ------------------- Sonesta Resort's Beach

--- KidsOnBeach-GrandCaseWestinResort
------ Kids on Grand Case Beach ---------- Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa

--- HardRockCafeLunchAtZenIt
----- Hard Rock Café Philipsburg ------------- Lunch at Zen It Grand Case

--- StMartinOfToursChurchLonelyRedBoat-GrandCase
 St. Martin of Tours Church Philipsburg ----- Lonely Red Boat Grand Case

--- PhilipsburgBeachPhilipsburgBoardwalk
------ Philipsburg's Beach -------------------- The Boardwalk in Philipsburg




















Featured Activity





omar 720x300 spa17 ------------------- La Samanna Spa

Enjoy head-to-toe pampering and slip into a world of pure relaxation. Our spa menu features a wide range of world-class massages and treatments using products from luxurious French brands Sisley and Pure Altitude.
omar 720x300 spa01
Visit our St. Martin spa and we will gladly customize any of our treatments to your needs. We can also provide discreet advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle back home.
WomanGettingMassage720x300 Book A Treatment
Browse through our spa menu, book your treatment in advance, and look forward to being pampered. Treat yourself to unparalleled relaxation with our special spa package. La Samanna Spa is proud to offer a wide range of world-class treatments providing you a blissful experience in St. Martin. Open daily 10am - 7pm.

Body Treatments
50 minutes -------------------- Body Polish
50 minutes -------------------- Body Wrap
50 minutes -------------------- Sunburn Rescue
45 minutes -------------------- Bust Treatment

60 minutes -------------------- Facial by Fermes de Marie
60 minutes   -------------------Facial by Sisley
90 minutes -------------------- Anti-Age Facial by Sisley
30 minutes -------------------- Eye Care Contour

25 minutes --------------------Swedish Massage
50 minutes --------------------Swedish Massage
25 minutes ------------------- Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes ----------------- --Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes --------------------Four Hands Massage
50 minutes ------------------- Hot Stone Massage
45 minutes ------------------- Anti-Cellulite Massage
90 minutes ------------------- Energetic Chinese Moxa Massage
50 minutes ------------------- Shiatsu Massage
90 minutes ------------------- Shiatsu Massage

Spa Packages
90 minutes --------------------Just Arrived
240 minutes -----------------  Elegance for Women
210 minutes ------------------ Style for Men
150 minutes ------------------ Sun Preparation
150 minutes ------------------ Stress Reduction

Please click this link www.lasamanna.com/web/omar/spa_st_martin.jsp to visit our website and to Book a Treatment, now!


--------- La Samanna Resort & Spa, Bay Long, St. Martin
----------------------------- For reservations, Tel: 800.854.2252 or 011.590.590.87.64.00
------------------Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us at: www.lasamanna.com

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Special Feature   

Complimentary (FREE) Gift Certificates from Island Businesses

to the island?


Looking to save money?


View our list of Gift Certificates below!


Choose the ones you wish to use on island.


Please email us your Gift Certificate choices! Make sure to include your first & last name, email address, travel dates and the name of the hotel, condo or villa where you will be staying on island. We will email the Certificates to you within 48 hours.



Bleu Emeraude Residence
(Gift Certificate: $100 off)

LaVista Beach Resort

(Gift Certificate: 30% off)

The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach Condos

(Gift Certificate: 5% off)

Oyster Bay Beach Resort


Beau Beau's Restaurant at Oyster Bay Beach Resort
(Gift Certificate: $25 off)

Esco Pazzo Pizzeria

(Gift Certificate: $10 off per couple)

Hideaway Restaurant at LaVista Resort

(Gift Certificate: 10% off)

Infinity Restaurant at Oyster Bay Beach Resort

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La Cave Restaurant at La Samanna

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La Dolce Vita Ristorante Italiano

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Interlude Restaurant at La Samanna

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Peg Leg Pub and Steakhouse

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Rare Bar and Restaurant

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Temptation Bar and Restaurant

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Toppers Restaurant

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Toppers by the Sea
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Ballerina Jewelers
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Blooming Baskets by Lisa

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Caribbean Gems

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La Samanna Spa

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Roland Richardson Gallery Museum
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Zhaveri Jewelers

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Aqua Mania Adventures
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Happy Hour Charters
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Random Wind Charters

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Scuba Fun Dive Center

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Car Rentals

Summer Set Car Rental

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Tropicana Casino
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What's Happening in Paradise?

by Sam Fusco

La Samanna Resort & Spa reopened Saturday, November 2nd; and, although I haven't seen the changes, I am told by clients and friends that the remodeling of Interlude Restaurant, Trellis Restaurant and the new lobby are spectacular. Of course, I would expect nothing less from this wonderful resort. Visit us at: www.lasamanna.com.

Roland Richardson Gallery Museum happily reopens its doors for our 16th anniversary with a brand new exhibition of Sir Roland Richardson’s beautiful “Plein Air” Impressionist works all painted from life.  The collection tours the island from French-side to Dutch-side, with turquoise seascapes and flamboyant landscapes, soulful portraiture and joyous still lives with a bounty of exotic flowers and fruits, filled with the rainbow palette of the Caribbean.  A feast for the eyes and an amazing photo opportunity at this historic landmark with blooming courtyard garden, old stone walls and barracks dating back to the 1700’s, and a lovely 19th century French Creole townhouse that was City Hall for the French side at the turn of the 20th century. Open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm. Visit www.rolandrichardson.com for more details. 

SXM Airport Managing Director Regina LaBega has been in talk with a senior Executive from British Airways (BA) which is the flagship airline of the United Kingdom. The talks centered on the possibility of having direct flights between the UK and St. Maarten. SXM is looking to establish a strategic partnership with BA and British Vacations which would open the doors to more traffic from the UK for surrounding islands including Anguilla, a UK territory.

The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard announced St. Maarten Maritime Day, an open day to be held on St. Maarten day, November 11, at the Cruise Terminal in Point Blanche.   During this day, ships from The Coast Guard, Royal Netherlands Navy and Neighbouring islands Anguilla and St. Martin, the United States and the St. Maarten Sea Rescue will be open to the public.

Pizza Galley is back from a well deserved vacation; and reopened Sunday, October 20th - 7 days a week from 5pm until... Please keep in mind dear Friends that Pizza Galley is still the only pizza restaurant serving Gluten Free Pizza Crust.

Leisure Car Rental St. Maarten - Sam, we have HUGE news! Please let all your subscribers and island friends know that Jacqueline Joseph, a member of our staff, has WON the Auto Rental Summit's Professional Of the Year Award! This is sooo amazing for someone from our little Island to be chosen for this award.  There were probably several hundred other nominees from all around the world vying for this year's title! The Award Ceremony will be held on Nov. 5, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. For info on this event, please visit: www.autorentalsummit.com or our website at: www.leisurecarrentalsxm.com. Regards, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tropicana Casino will be the first casino on the island to offer a Special Mega Bingo Prizes on December 28, 2013 which are worth payouts of $20,000 guaranteed, it should be busy on those nights...  Tropicana Princess Casino is situated on the unmatched Caribbean shores of St. Maarten. It is only two miles away from Princess Juliana International Airport and serves its customer base with 306 slot machines between 2 pm and 4 am. Tropicana Casino also has nightly progressive jackpot bingo which you can win up to $15,000. The Casino provides unlimited free drinks for players. You can enjoy gambling in Tropicana Princess Casino for as little as 1 cent to a dollar with the video slot and reel machines. You can enjoy the most select casino games such as "King Kong Cash" "Lucky Lady's Charm" "Hot Shots" "Instant Winner" "Alfastreet Roulette" and "Zeus" in the casino. The big prizes will be given on Saturday, December 28, 2013: @12 am $1000 - @1 am $1000 - @2 am $20,000. If you buy 5 cards you will receive 1 FREE. For information, please telephone 721.544.5654. 

Every saturday starting November 2nd 10:00 - 13:00
Lagoon Marina, Wellington Rd. Cole Bay
ontact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Every Friday night: island's best fish & chips and live music
Every Thursday night: live guitar during Happy Hour
Every Wednesday night: real spanish paella
Every night: time for dinner. Michelin *. RSVP
Food on wheels, lunch delivery. RSVP
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

100 Volunteers Net 295 Pounds of Trash In Final ICC Clean-Up
One hundred volunteers collected 295.75 pounds of trash around Oyster Pond and Dawn Beach last week in the final event of the 2013 International Coastal Clean-up in St. Maarten. All pieces of trash were inventoried on data sheets for Ocean Conservancy. Among the volunteers were management, staff and guests of Oyster Bay Beach  Resort, L’Oreal Caribe Garnier representative Milton  Lugo from Puerto Rico, management and staff of  Medicosmetics, high school  students and area residents. Garnier and its representative Medicosmetics plan to be part of next year’s ICC events held in September. Oyster Bay Beach Resort treated all volunteers to a buffet breakfast at Beau Beau’s Restaurant. Garnier representatives gave out promotional items.

Royal Caribbean Begins Construction On Largest And Third Oasis-Class Ship
Royal Caribbean International cut the first piece of steel last week for its third Oasis-class ship, marking the first construction milestone for a vessel that will be the world’s largest and most innovative cruise ship, which is expected to be delivered in mid-2016. At 225,282 GRT and spanning 16 decks with 2,700 staterooms, the Oasis class ships also introduced extraordinary “firsts” at sea such as an 82 foot-long zipline, a handcrafted carousel, the Rising Tide elevating bar, the AquaTheater high diving performance venue, and the Central Park with more than 12,000 live trees and plants. The Oasis class also offers amenities that can only be found on Royal  Caribbean, such as twin FlowRider surf simulators, cantilevered whirlpools, an ice-skating rink, the H2O Zone kids aquapark, and the Royal Promenade, an interior boulevard that stretches nearly the length of the ship and flanked by restaurants, lounges and boutiques, among many others.

Dawn Beach Westin Named Island’s Best Resort For 2013
The Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort and Spa emerged victorious as the winner of St. Maarten’s Best Resort for 2013 from the World Travel Awards at the Caribbean and North America Gala Ceremony, held in Antigua on September 14. The event was Hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and welcomed guests from across the region. “The Westin Dawn Beach Resort, Spa and Casino is thrilled to have been recognized at this wonderful event. Our associates strive each day to provide our guests with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The Westin Dawn Beach is truly a great place to unwind, while enjoying all that the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin has to offer,” stated Daniel Beddor, General Manager at The Westin St. Maarten Resort and Spa.

SCDF Releases Carnival 2014 Schedule
St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has released the dates for the Carnival 2014 festivities, an impressive line-up of 24 days of Carnival activities to mark the 45th anniversary of Carnival in St. Maarten that invites residents and visitors to "Come, Celebrate Life." SCDF President Mike Granger explained that the foundation's board had worked on the schedule for at least two months and had involved key stakeholders in the planning, including the Ministry of Labour. Granger explained that Minister Cornelius de Weever and his team had to be involved to discuss the Carnival holidays in 2014 now that King's Day will be celebrated and not the Queen's Birthday on April 30. 

L'Hoste Hotel, Orient Bay, will be open all year and is under a new management since the 12th of December 2012, namely Mr. and Mrs. Guillot-Tournus, a French couple. With 56 spacious Junior Suites and one villa "La Cabana" designed in tropical style, the hotel lies directly on Orient Bay Beach with a poolside solarium, a beachfront restaurant and a bar "La Playa." Its private beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas is open to serve you breakfasts and lunches. More information is available on its website www.hostehotel.com  

Aqua Mania Adventures is running a special promotion for daytrips to St. Barts on Saturdays. Take The Edge from Simpson Bay Resort, $45pp plus port fees. The beaches are gorgeous and it’s time to treat yourself. Grab a friend and head out for a day of relaxation and fun. The Edge departs 9am and returns 4:45pm. For reservations, call: 1.721.554.2236.

Hotel Beach Plaza, Marigot, is closed for renovations to the rooms and facilities and will reopen on December 12, 2013. 

Lee's Roadside Grill, Simpson Bay Lagoon, is now closed on Mondays during the summer/fall seasons. By the way, Lee’s now accepts American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards; so, “Don’t leave home without them!” 

Scuba Fun Dive Center, Philipsburg, St. Maarten/St. Martin’s longest established PADI 5* Dive Resort now offers resort courses, diving and snorkeling trips. For reservations, tel: 1.721.542.3966 or 1.721.586.2822 cell.

The staff at Pierres Caraibes Villas, Marigot, has villas waiting to be rented.

** Several Articles Courtesy of Caribbean Gems Newsletters

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