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Pizza Galley - the story so far...

The story of the best pizza in the hemisphere began with the collision of JP's love for great pizza and Lorna's rare talents as a chef. From Trois Rivieres to Monte Carlo, from Toronto to Sint Maarten, the husband and wife team have sampled and gone on to make the best pizza in the world. Whether entertaining in their dining room at home ("more wine, anybody?", Lorna would say), or aboard the now-defunct M/Y Lady Mary, the Guilbert's have become renowned as generous hosts and purveyors of some of the finest cuisine on the planet. Many guests have thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality ("Jolly good party old chap!", they would say), creative vision, and the value of their services.

The Lady Mary made daily dinner cruises on Simpson Bay Lagoon from 1991 to 1999, until the regal ship was torpedoed by another vessel during Hurricane Jose. When the Lady Mary went down, the resourceful couple accepted an offer to manage the popular Turtle Pier Bar, Restaurant and Marina.

One day while JP was visiting his friend Alan ("glass of red, JP?" said Alan) at another popular Sint Maarten attraction - the Crew's Nest at Port de Plaisance - he observed two pizza delivery boys staggering under their load to Alan's bar and to the mega-yachts in the nearby marina ("lift with your legs!" they yelled).

FrontDiningRoom-RJP wondered aloud ("Hmmmm..." he said) why Alan, no slouch in the kitchen himself, wasn't providing his own food for his patrons. He said that it was something he'd been thinking about for a long time ("I've been thinking about that for a long time" Alan said), but until now had been impossible. He also revealed that he'd just purchased a pizza oven ("and what an oven she is!" he bragged).

"Merde!" said JP, "Let's cook us some pizza!", and a few days later, Lorna and JP began creating homemade pizza pie from a hut so tiny they couldn't open the fridge door and the oven door at the same time. Lorna made her rich, mouth-watering sauce at home, caramelizing the onions and roasting the peppers in her own special way, and cut the pizza on top of the oven because there was no room for a counter. JP took care of their growing clientele at the bar and the marina nearby. Over the next two years they never saw the island's pizza chain delivery boys again.

At the end of the season in 2002, another friend, Michael Voges, PizzaGalleyMap-Rowner of the Lady C Infamous Floating Bar in Simpson Bay, had a similar dilemma - he had a very popular pirate ship bar with no food ("I have no food!" he lamented), and was losing customers because of it. He asked JP and Lorna if they would be interested in building a small kitchen and providing their now-famous pizza to his clients. After six months of negotiation (island time!) with the landlord, the hardy couple leased part of the dock and built the Pizza Galley. Besides the fantastic food and generous hospitality, there was something karmic about their opening - the Galley had been constructed on the same spot at the dock where the Lady Mary had been moored.

During their first season they were well-supported by locals, sailors, yacht crews and medical students alike, who in turn drove a lot of hungry visitors to the Pizza Galley ("I feel like a big fat juicy pizza from the Pizza Galley!" they would say). Fresh, daily-made, quality ingredients and Lorna's sinful dessert specials, complemented by great wine and espresso, made their first season spectacular ("what a spectacular season that was!", JP was heard to say proudly). 2004 was a big year for the Pizza Galley, being voted number one for Best Dessert on the island, and coming first runner-up for Best Pizza. They proudly received the same award in 2005 (two years in a row). They won again in the 'Best Of Pizza & Dessert" category in 2006 and 2007, and also introduced "Design Your Own Pasta". (Please check out the menu for more details).

By Christmas of 2007, JP's new VIP room was ready to accommodate another 25 pizza lovers. JP's other 'new baby' was delivered in time for the opening of the VIP room - a brand new four-oven pizza oven. What a beauty! Now pizza production has doubled.

RollerPinAwards-RHoly Pepperoni!! - it's a double-whammy! We finally did it! The much sought-after ISLAND'S NUMBER ONE BEST PIZZA, that was so long overdue in our customer's opinion, and the NUMBER ONE BEST DESSERT for the third time, making 2008 the best year so far for the Pizza Galley.

In the 2010/2011 season, Lady C unfortunately had to leave the dock, never to return. The Pizza Galley again won the "NO. 1 BEST PIZZA ON THE ISLAND" and "FIRST RUNNER UP FOR DESSERTS". And now we have gained 50 waterfront seats on the dock facing the WORLD'S BIGGEST MEGA YACHTS at Isle De Sol and Port de Plaisance. A truly unique experience.

It seems everyone who comes to the island must partake in one of its most unique and satisfying attractions - the couple's delicious, crispy, thin crust pizza. On Sint Maarten, choose the Pizza Galley for superior pizza, desserts, service, hospitality and value.

The Pizza Galley - that's amore!
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Pizza Galley
Airport Road, St. Maarten
For Reservations, telephone: 721.587.1330
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