Not Your Mother’s "Pocketbook." 

Offered in a rainbow of sizes and colors, Blooming Baskets by Lisa are definitely not your mother’s flowered pocketbooks.  

All “Blooming Baskets by Lisa” floral handbags are individually designed and hand-made here on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. No two are ever perfectly identical – so you’ll not enter a room and encounter that dreadful situation.  

They’re also infinitely fashionable. Equally at home when you’re wearing jeans to a picnic or elegant couture to a wedding… or, at the Academy Awards, should you be nominated or spend time with Hollywood friends.  

Welcome to the world of Blooming Baskets by Lisa. Here, you’ll learn how we make them… the many places where you can use them… you’ll see our collection… and you’ll be able to order your very own handmade purse as well. 


About Blooming Baskets!

In 1993, Lisa and Michele, two sisters from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, moved to St. Martin in the Caribbean. In 2000, they opened a handbag boutique which sold designer American handbags. Inspired by the kaleidoscope of flowers that populate the St. Martin countryside, in 2002, they took ordinary straw and raffia bags and put them on steroids. The result: colorful, whimsical new bags adorned with gorgeous silk flowers.  

Blooming Baskets by Lisa, an entirely new class of “handbag” that defies traditional description, had been born. The response was immediate and overwhelming. Lisa and Michele’s signature flowered Baskets already are being sold throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. You’ll see Blooming Baskets by Lisa carried by the “rich and famous” on islands like the exclusive St. Barts and Anguilla. Go anywhere with a Blooming Basket, and watch heads turn for a closer look.  

Lisa designs the Baskets at home on her terrace with the Caribbean Sea, sun, breezes, and flowers as her constant inspirations. Michele runs day-to-day operations. Learn how we make our Baskets. Then… start some excitement with your own colorful whimsical Blooming Basket by Lisa!  

------------------------- How We Make Them! 

Blooming Baskets by Lisa come in four sizes – mini, small, medium, and large; and, because of their strength and durability, our large Baskets are often packed to the hilt and taken to the beach. “Smaller” baskets, which are not really small, go everywhere. Underneath, Blooming Baskets are hand-constructed of high-quality, long-wearing raffia, a natural product obtained from the fronds of the raffia palm. Our raffia is wrapped or covered in long-wearing straw custom-woven for us and sewn for high durability. Our baskets are made individually. Dyes are hand-mixed, with no pre-set recipe; consequently, “purple” on one basket invariably looks a bit different from “purple” on another. Of course, all our dyes are formulated to resist fading.  

Since Mother Nature has created an infinite variety of real flowers, we follow suit with all our silk flowers. From Exotic lilies to stunning roses to huge, colorful daisies and many other varieties in countless colors, Mother Nature is faithfully recreated in silk for Blooming Baskets by Lisa.  


Our Collection! 

A couple of heads-up 

First, we never create exactly the same Blooming Basket by Lisa twice. So when you order one of our beautiful floral handbags, know that your bag will be unique. The flowers (in color, design, and placement) and the precise bag color will differ, if ever so slightly, from our photos. You’re a unique person. So, your Blooming Basket will be unique, too.  

Second, our floral handbags themselves change. Some colors disappear, others are introduced, and the combinations of flowers and dyes change.  

So, if you see something that catches your eye today, grab it. It may be gone forever next time you look.  

“Blooming Baskets by Lisa” offers baskets in four sizes and many flowers and flower colors. And of course, there are many Basket colors. 

The Results speak for themselves.

No, they sing more than speak.
And, you will absolutely love the melody!

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