Hundreds of children gathered at different locations around the island over the long holiday weekend to enjoy Nature Foundation which has started to populate its first coral nursery structures again after most of the previous coral nurseries were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Irma and Maria.

The Foundation has slowly started to implement its “Fragments of Recovery” coral restoration projects with installing the first two coral reef nurseries in an attempt to repopulate hurricane damaged reefs around the island with rare coral species.  The first Staghorn corals have been transplanted to the coral nursery station on the dive site Moonscape close to Simpson Bay.  The two nursery ladders from the Nature Foundation are now populated with coral fragments in order to raise new coral colonies to repopulate the diamonds coral reefs. 

In the coming month more nursery ladders will be places and populated with Staghorn and also Elkhorn fragments.  The coral nursery will be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent algae growth and to secure optimal growth conditions for the corals.


News courtesy of Caribbean Gems